Welcome to this Zeek Rewards review. There is a lot of buzz going around this company and like anything, as something grows more popular, people are going to have their fair share of criticisms and Zeek Rewards scam claims. But before you jump to your own conclusion, you know not everything on the Internet is true. Often times scam stories are nothing more than opinions. After all, Zeek Rewards is a business opportunity and not a claim to guaranteed success. It’s important to note that any kind of affiliate program is going to take some work. So let’s take a closer look at this company in this Zeek Rewards review.

About The Company

Zeek Rewards is actually the affiliate money-making program of Zeekler.com, which is all owned by Rex Venture Group LLC.

When you become an affiliate with Zeek Rewards, you then have the ability to rack up VIP Points in your account by selling/sharing/buying bids. Each point is worth $1. Pretty much the more points that you have the more earning power you will accumulate. You can join for free, but there is more opportunity with the paid monthly memberships: Silver, Gold, and Diamond.  There are also more tools and perks with the paid subscription levels such as the Shopping Daisy where you direct customers to your own online store where you receive commissions from everything they purchase.

Zeek Rewards Review: How Do you Make Money?

There are 6 different ways to make money with this program:

  1. Earn 20% commission on referred retail bid package purchases
  2. Earn profit margin between wholesale and retail prices in your personal online retail store
  3. Share daily revenue with the company in the Retail Profit Pool
  4. 20% retail profit from sales of directly referred affiliate’s subscriptions
  5. Give away the Shopping Daisy application
  6. Build residual income with 2×5 Matrix system when you sponsor just 2 Preferred Customers

To really prosper, you want to become a Qualified Affiliate and work on building that 2×5 matrix compensation plan. What does this mean? This means more income opportunities no matter what Zeek Reward stories say. When you become a Q.A., you get to participate in that Retail Profit Pool. This is where the company tallies up its net profits for the day and splits 50% of them with Q.A.’s. Depending on how many points you have that day, is the amount of cash bonus you will receive.

*Ex: If you have 1000 points and the reward is 1%, you earn $10*

Qualified Affiliate Requirements:

  • You must be enrolled in a Premium business subscription: Silver, Gold, or Diamond.
  • You have to enroll Retail Customers and give away at least 10 sample bids from Zeekler.
  • You need to also place 1 ad in your back office daily.

So Does Zeek Rewards Scam People or Does it Provide a Legitimate Opportunity? 

Verdict: SCAM

As of summer 2012, Zeek Rewards has officially been shut down and labeled as a Zeek Rewards scam by the FTC!!! A one time $600 million company has been shut down and labeled as an official “Ponzi Scheme” and has costs affiliates their income opportunity. It is no longer in operation and you can’t join anymore if you want to. If you are reading this review, it is already too late to become a part of the program and good thing you didn’t join. 

Zeek Rewards Reviews: What Others Are Saying

Zeekrewards.com has been around for a while now with many people satisfied with the platform provided. But it’s unfortunate that it has now been closed and labeled as practicing illegal business tactics. To be honest, the whole compensation plan just didn’t make that much sense and it was confusing as to how exactly you would make money in the long-term. 

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