Wealthy Affiliate Details

  1. Company Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Founders: Kyle & Carson
  3. Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  4. Cost: Free & Premium
  5. Scam: NO
  6. Good For: Beginners- Intermediate
  7. Affiliate Income: Yes
  8. Community & Support: Yes
  9. Free websites, tools, hosting: Yes
  10. Final Grade: A

wealthy affiliate reviewWelcome to this Wealthy Affiliate review. You are probably someone that is looking to make extra income online. You have heard of this company and are wondering if it can help you or if it’s a scam. Affiliate marketing is an awesome way and probably the best way for new people to actually earn income on the Internet. But not every company actually shows people the correct way on how to do things. Thankfully, you have come to this review because you are going to learn more about one of the most helpful and profitable affiliate marketing programs there is: Wealthy Affiliate. This review is not meant to be biased in any way. We are completely independent and neutral here at Monster Profits From Home. However, it’s exciting when we do find an actual good affiliate product to review and share with out followers.

Kyle & Carson Are Great Teachers

kyle-and-carsonThe founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle & Carson, put together this affiliate income opportunity in 2005 and it has been growing strong ever since. The reason why this program is so much recommended is just the pure value and content they give to their customers and members. Browsing around, you can see that many members have been with the company for YEARS. This is a definite sign of good, valuable content that Kyle & Carson have created. They definitely DO NOT scam people at all. In fact, it’s one of the few legitimate programs out there.

The 2 guys are on top of things and have hit it out-of-the-park when it comes to sharing their knowledge. That’s super important because you always want to take direction from people who are experts at what they do. Both have narrowed down all the training and what you need to do into very simple-to-understand videos and instruction.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate Member’s Area

You can sign up for free with Wealthy Affiliate and create a profile. If you do create an account, make sure you complete your profile with a pic and everything else. However to get full benefits, you want to upgrade to Premium membership and it doesn’t cost too much. It is well worth it. The majority of people who are earning money and are serious about affiliate marketing do have Premium membership, but it’s not required.


As you can see, the interface of the website is freaking awesome. It is almost like a Facebook mixed with a Twitter in that there is a newsfeed in the middle and you can follow other WA members as well. The training courses, websites, and tools are on the left, and live chat among members is on the right side. This is honestly the perfect setup for an affiliate program. Usually you do want to make friends because there are people in there that might know helpful strategies and extra tips.

Affiliate Income Opportunity

Also 1 of the huge advantages of Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to earn money with the company as well. Of course, you are going to be taught to make money in just about any niche, but it wouldn’t hurt to also make money as a WA affiliate. One of the best parts is that there really is only Premium membership and not any other up-sells. Often times when you refer people to affiliate income streams, they get “turned off” because you sent them to something were they keep getting offer after offer to buy more. That’s not the case here. You referral starts off as free and if they want, they can upgrade to paid membership in which you keep around 50%. Not only that, but because Wealthy Affiliate provides so much value to its customers, they are less likely to cancel and more likely to stay members for years to come.

There is a whole 3 part course called the “Affiliate Bootcamp” designed to show you how to make money as an affiliate. It is divided into 3 phases and shows you what to do and how to do it. Maybe you’re looking to generate extra income online? Then this is for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate offers so much training to get you off to a fast start at creating an affiliate business and making that money! There are numerous lessons, training videos, and classrooms all on how to create your own affiliate niche website. One of the biggest problems people have is where to start or what to do. Often times there are scam affiliate programs out there that only teach sh**! Honestly, that’s the truth. It’s different with WA. There is a whole section called “Getting Started” specifically to help you understand what this is all about and how to well, get started the right way.

All the newest methods, strategies, and education to make money is up-t0-date.

You’ve got to know stuff such as search engine optimization in order to get traffic to your niche websites. Traffic= money is the most simplest explanation. However, you’ve got to know what is going to harm your traffic, and what is going to boost your traffic. Ever heard of the Panda/Penguin updates? See? It’s important to know about them and what to do to your site to keep it safe from those updates. You want to make money, right? Know what works and what doesn’t.

Community & Support

This should be one of the biggest reasons why you join Wealthy Affiliate. You’ve got to surround yourself with like-minded people who are also making money online so they can give you tips and so you can network with them. You can write a blog post and share it with the community. For an example, if you are having trouble finding a good product to promote for your niche, you can post a blog about what you are doing, and if anyone has suggestions. Most likely people will read your post and comment and give good ideas. Everyone helps everyone out in the community.

Not only that, but even Kyle & Carson will respond and comment to your posts as well! What better way to get support from the actual owners of the company who also happen to be complete affiliate marketing masters? There is no better way.

Next 3 Steps to Take for Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Sign up for free and create full profile (picture and everything else)
  2. Create your full profile: about me, photo, say “hello” in Live Chat
  3. Go through at least the Online Entrepreneur Certification- Getting Started Level 1

Do these 3 steps and you will be sure to find success in affiliate marketing! Cheers.


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