Survey Downline- Does it work and can you make money?

You may have heard of Survey Downline and want to read a review on it. Good choice. There are plenty of ways to earn income on the Internet and taking surveys is a popular way. But it is the most profitable? Well maybe by combining it with a multi-level marketing plan will do the trick. We shall see. But you have to continue reading if you want to know more about if you can make money with it or not!

How in the World Does Survey Downline Work?

survey_downline_reviewsSurvey Downline is a site where you sign up to take surveys. You take these surveys. After completing surveys, you make money. Money is good. Money helps buy you things. We like money. It’s cool because it’s actually free to join the website and start taking these surveys. Not only that, but you can be anybody and take these surveys to generate a little income no matter what you experience is like. But keep in mind we said generate a “little” doing these surveys. They hardly pay crap to be honest, but that’s where the mlm compensation plan can play a big part in making the big money…

What’s the Earning Potential Like?

Okay so the business plan of Survey Downline is a 3-tier level marketing plan where you can make extra money by recruiting people into the business under you. This means residual income. Here’s how it goes:

  1. 35% on the surveys you take
  2. 10% on the people right under you
  3. 5% of the people under them

This can actually really add up the more people that are sponsored into your team. Get it? You start building a network of people who like to take surveys. The more business you bring in, the more money you are going to generate. So in other words, when you’re not busy taking surveys, you can still earn income with your team that actively is.

We Do NOT Recommend Survey Downline to People. How Come?

Okay so we’re not saying Survey Downline is a scam. It’s not. It’s actually quite clever. This is the problem. 99% of the work is going to be focused on trying to recruit as many people as you can if you want to see any real money. This is really hard to do when there isn’t much Internet marketing training going on, which there isn’t in this company. You’re going to need to know how to market your referral link to lots of people and convince them enough to be active. This is no easy task, and honestly, it’s just a waste of time and not recommended especially for brand new people or average folk just looking for extra income opportunities.

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