Some Rapbank Background

If you are looking for a Rapbank review, then most likely you are looking for a decent network to join that pays you for promoting their products. This is one of them. If you are someone that is interested in affiliate marketing, then you already know what it’s all about. But with Rapbank you are going to get access to a lot of products to promote and not just a few. Most are digital products, and you will obviously be able to earn commissions for promoting these information products. So let’s continue on and see what it’s all about.

How Exactly Do You Work with Rapbank

  • Well the word Rapbank kind of tells you what the website is all about. It’s pretty much a pain of different affiliate products that you can promote.
  • The only difference is that you are able to get paid almost instantly through PayPal and you don’t have to wait for the end of the month or every two weeks like you do with some of the marketplace out there.
  • You might have heard of Click Bank. Well this company is similar to that and you can tell they have almost the same name.

Not only that, but you will have access to using tools such as reports and see exactly what products you are seeing results with in Rapbank, and you can see where those products are coming from and which traffic is converting very well for you.

rapbank review

Costs of Rapbank

There is the free account of Rapbank you can get with the company and also the paid account. The only difference is that the paid membership is going to give you a few more features such as your own capture pages, access to product listings, coupons, and you can get the sulfur $47 per month.

Rapbank Feedback 

Rapbank has a pretty good rating from users and no, it is not a scam. We know what you are thinking and probably wondering. It is pretty much just a marketplace. You can go and pick the products that you want to promote your site, or you can become an advertiser and have your products promoted for you. The only benefit about this particular marketplace is well, there really isn’t a whole lot that stands out. You do get your own affiliate links but you can be much join any kind of marketplace and get your own links and receive commissions.

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