Leading Home Revenue is fairly recent work from home business that supposedly teaches you how to earn money by posting links on web. Michelle Mathews is the founder of the system and has also launched other at home opportunities.

These programs have become very popular and are appealing to the masses because it is easy money and seems convenient since you can get work done at home and at your own time. 

Is Home Revenue a scam?

Home Revenue scam reports are all over the place. It is clear that from Leading Home Revenue will lead you to a big disappointment and possibly lower the amount of funds in your bank account after taking all your money.

It is one of those websites of work from home scam that likes to disguise itself as a big money maker by doing easy tasks such as entry of data and posting links. Generally this is not the way you are going to make a living from the website yet that’s what they make you believe. 

There is just so much fake about this site.

First is the layout design of the website which is so cheesy.

On your right you can see your earnings potential in big letters and how much money you can easily make. And that’s how they get you.

Also if you look carefully at the website you can see that there are fake news logos that have absolutely no affiliation with this program. 

Fake Characters To Sell A Story!

There also exists a fake character named Catherine Roberts who is the spokeswoman and there follows testimonial and assignment page.

These testimonial photos next to the actual testimonials are just stock photos which is just a marketing scheme designed to get your hopes up and get you your credit card and empty your wallet and invest in this opportunity.

This type of link posting programs is very misleading. These link posting programs often say that you will get paid about $15 for each and every link posted which generally is not the case.

The truth is that posting links is just an act of affiliate marketing where you get paid every time someone clicks on your promoted link and thus makes a purchase. You will only be paid if the person makes a purchase but not for just posting a link. This makes it a full on business opportunity rather than an actual job as many people may think.

Way Overpriced!

Another reason why Home Revenue have been referred as scam is in the nature it does business. It is advertised as only a one-time payment of $97 but in reality you will be charged $197 and they expect you to contact them for a rebate of $100.

This means that with the rebate it is 497 and you have to claim your rebate within a period of three months. In addition to this, you are then charged $9.95per month which acts as a membership fee.

If you look closely through the terms and conditions, you will see that there is no refund policy that exist in fine print which is makes this site untrustworthy and is a problem when they are planning on charging you an amount that is double what have been stipulated in their sales page.


From the above review on Home Revenue, it is clear that this site is a form of an affiliate marketing which means you receive a commission from the sale you make and not but posting the link. 

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