If you love sharing anything with other people online, you should definitely check out the ways on how to make money on a blog. A lot of people have been enjoying the money that their blogs and websites generate. But how exactly do they do that? Do not hurry! Take your time in learning more about the ways on how to earn money by just building, maintaining, and posting content on your own blog site.


How to Make Money on a Blog – The First Step

how to make money on a blogHow are you going to start your blog? That might be the exact question that you have in mind at this very moment. That is indeed a very good question. Thinking about the overall topic of your blog is the first step that you should take. It might be difficult to write about topics that you are not really familiar with, so it is very recommended for you to write about a niche or topic that you really enjoy. If you love fashion, write blog posts about it. You are the boss of your blog site. You are free to control the topics that you are going to write about. Some people write about different topics on a single blog. You may even post everything that is happening to you!


How to Make Money on a Blog: Ways and Their Advantages

Blogging is a very simple thing to do. You can do it whenever you want. Most people do not work full-time on their blogs. So, you can actually blog during your spare time. You may even use it as a journal where you post happy things that happened to you every single day. However, what are the things that you need to do in order to make your blog really profitable? Can you earn a lot of money by just posting anything that you want? Here are some of the best ways on how to make money on a blog.

Post Ads on Your Blog

How to Make Money on a BlogA lot of bloggers post ads on their blogs and websites. Believe it or not, ads can really make you earn hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars every month. You just need to join an ad program and once your application gets approved, you will then be given the chance to post ads directly on your blog site. You will generate money every time your readers click on the ads that you have posted. The most popular ad program today is Google Adsense.

Promote or Sell Products

Being an affiliate is also profitable. There are so many companies out there that have affiliate programs. If you have a favorite online store, check if they have an affiliate program where you can sign up as an affiliate or reseller. Tell them about the blog that you maintain and wait until your account has been approved. Once you get your application approved, you can then post your affiliate links on your site. Once a reader clicks your affiliate link and buy the product that you promote, you will receive commissions from the online store or company. You should promote interesting products or services, so that your readers will not hesitate to buy them. Remember, the more sales your blog generates, the higher commissions you will get.

Ask for Support or Donations

If your blog supports a particular cause, you may ask some donations from your readers. There is nothing wrong with asking financial support with your readers. You may even ask them support for maintaining your site. If your readers like your blog, they may donate a few bucks for your domain and hosting expenses. Write high quality, interesting, and informative content so that your blog will receive more traffic and views from your avid readers.

Market Your Own Services

Marketing your services is also one of the best ways to make money from your blog. If you are a freelancer or if you want to accept part-time jobs, you may post your portfolio on your blog. You may create a “Hire Me” web page where you can post all of the services that you offer. Do not forget to post your business e-mail address as well, so that your prospective clients will know how to contact you.

Use Your Blog To Make Your Business Relationships Go Deeper

Do you know that you can make your business relationships deeper with your blog? Yes, that is true. Your current clients might be impressed with your other qualifications and offer a better opportunity to you!



It is really possible to make money online. Some people have already left their day jobs just to focus on generating more income by blogging and Internet marketing. If you think that maintaining a blog is interesting and enjoying, try out or even combine all of the tips on how to make money on a blog that are mentioned above!

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