home wealth formulaHome Wealth Formula is a fairly new work-from-home opportunity in which the site claims one can earn on average, $15 per link that is posted for various companies. By just dedicating 1 hour a day to your online efforts, you maybe be able to create a full-time income from home this way. Wouldn’t that be great? To just get paid to simply post stuff on the Internet? That’s seems like easy money. Maybe that is why it draws so much attention and why so many people are interested in getting in on this opportunity. But before you go celebrate because you think you’ve hit a gold mine, think again. Unfortunately, there are many scam reports going around on the web.

Home Wealth Formula Review: The Website Sales-page

The website is set up like a lot of other duplicated link-posting sites. It’s portrayed as an online newspaper. These are promotional tactics that a lot of low-quality affiliate programs make and the idea is to make it seem as if the claims and promotions made are in fact real. They also say how they have the only certified program in the world for link-posting. It’s things like this why you may find a lot of Home Wealth Formula scam stories out there. It is set up so you feel the need to buy into the program when in fact you don’t need any kind of certification to do link-posting. There really is no such thing as a certification for link-posting. That’s bogus.

Home Wealth Formula Review: What is Link-Posting Anyways?

Link-posting is just another term for affiliate marketing through Google AdWords. Or it can be also when you promote affiliate links of different companies. Pretty much the only way you make money is when someone clicks on your ad and then goes on to make a purchase on the website being promoted. You are not paid per hour or per link. You can make $15 per link on average ONLY IF you have people constantly buying affiliate products through your marketing campaigns. It is not a job position where you are employed by companies through Home Wealth Formula. Get it?

Affiliate marketing itself is a legitimate method of creating income on the Internet. In fact, many people have generated full-time incomes doing it and have quit their day-jobs. Also many millionaires have been produced throughout the world because they have mastered affiliate marketing from home. But it comes down to learning certain Internet marketing skills and applying them in consistent, productive action to build a solid Internet business.

Home Wealth Formula Scam Analysis

Red flags of the company are:

  • Fake online newspaper sales setup
  • Never exactly know what it’s about
  • Many confirmed scam reports from users
  • Payment page security tags not valid
  • Domain is no longer active and leads to another site
  • Misleading earning potential claims


One thing to note is the program has disappeared from the web probably because it has been shut down for various negative Home Wealth Formula reviews. But also you want to remember that any time you run into a program promising you riches from just posting links on the web, you can probably bet it’s just talking about affiliate marketing and just waiting for you to buy into the system so they can bombard you with even more crummy offers and programs. That’s usually what they do. They give you training that’s not really thorough and expect you to buy the next training course that’s probably just going to give you the runaround.

If you really want to make money online, then you need the right Internet marketing training guide or course so you can get educated in the world of online business and know how to truly generate Internet income. It does take work and the willingness to learn if you are serious about earning a solid income from home.

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