home income profits system Home Income Profits System is another make money online program that is promoted through a fake online newspaper article website. Many times this business is sold under different domain names in which it’s the same site, but a different name. There have been quite a few Home Income Profits scam reports online as many people find that this company may not seem to be what it seems. But let’s find out what it’s really about before we jump to any conclusions. You have to understand how the program works before you can really make a decision on whether it’s a scam or not.

Home Income Profits revolves around the promotion of a story of a single mom, either by the name Kelly Richards or Marie Thompson, finding success and earning big income in your local area. They do this through an IP address tracking script so they can fabricate the story taking place near you so it seems she lives in your hometown. The story usually goes something like her being in financial crisis but using Home Income Profits to turn it around make thousands of dollars per month from home. Supposedly they do this through a simple method called “link-posting”.

Home Income Profits Review: What is Link Posting?

The way Home Income Profits says you can make money through their program is through link-posting. This is where you supposedly get paid by various companies for simply posting links on the Internet. They say you can make $15 for every link posted. Sounds like an easy job with tons of earning potential, right? Well not so much. You see, all this link posting business is just a cover up for affiliate marketing. Although affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn income, it’s not a job opportunity or as sure as they make it seem. You get paid in affiliate marketing “if” anyone clicks on your links and makes a purchase from that website. You keep a commission and it can average out to about $15 per link once you tally up all the revenue that day and divide it by the number of hits.

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The Home Income Profits Package

When you click on just about anything on the Home Income Profits website, it’s just going to automatically lead you to the order form area so you can buy. You are going to be asked for your name, number, and credit card for the trial. It looks like Home Income Profit System is only $5 but that’s not the case at all. The trial is 3 days from the moment you purchase the product and after you will be charged $39.95 as an activation fee for Road Map to Success which can be waved after 2 weeks. But also you will be charged $139.95 after the 3 day trial plus $4.95 per month as a hosting fee. So when everything is totaled up, you’re going to end up spending $150+ with this program. What you get are templates, products, and affiliate links to promote online. It’s up to you to drive traffic though. If you drive 0 traffic to your stuff, you make $0.

Does Home Income Profits Scam People?

That’s a good question. It is up for debate, but it may not be an outright, plain out scam. It’s just the sales system is so sketchy, that a lot of people around the web do not seem too fond of Home Income Profits. You might get a least a little value out of the system, but probably not much that’s really going to change your life financially. Plus, these sites are duplicated all over the place.

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