fast_cash_commissions_Welcome to this Fast Cash Commissions review! You have probably heard a lot about this Internet marketing system and want to know more before purchasing or opting in. That’s a smart idea, to dig in a little deeper before making a decision to purchase something. You might have heard good and bad things about this particular company which is quite typical of just about any home based business opportunity out there, period. First, let’s talk a little about the creator of this program, Anthony Morrison.

Anthony Morrison Is A Notorious Internet Marketer

Anthony Morrison (the creator) has made millions online, been featured on many News channels, has written several successful books on E-marketing, and is one of the most knowledgeable Internet marketers in the industry. He actually first started selling auto parts on a website and that’s how he made his first million dollars. He actually had no prior business experience before pursuing his online endeavors as it was just an idea for income to help out his father who had fallen on hard times.

Now he has figured out how to sell over-priced affiliate training programs such as “Fast Cash Commissions” to people who are desperate to find ways to make some money on the Internet. 

Fast Cash Commissions Just Gives Smoke & Mirrors 

  • 28 Online Training Videos- step-by-step tutorials on how to turn real-time traffic into fast commissions…but you don’t really make any money fast. Ironic?
  • Learn how to tap into that “real-time” traffic with access to the Traffic Nerve Center? Don’t think so…
  • Proven-to-work “free traffic” marketing strategies that everyone else who buys it, gets? Good luck with the competition on that one. 
  • Cut and Paste techniques (definitely not recommended)
  • Traffic Activator
  • Support system not the best
  • Held-by-the-hand Coaching for 4 weeks…or you can say pre-recorded webinars?
  • 100% No Risk Money-Back Guarantee (the only good thing)

Some of the Semi-Good Stuff

  • Hot Market Sniper– learn how to use social networking sites such as Facebook, to drive more traffic and make more sales? You really think it’s that easy though?
  • Selector Tool– find profitable niches and products that have a high conversion ratio (this was decent)
  • Spy Tool– find out what profitable niches your competitors are using to make money and what’s working for them (again, decent, but not that great)
  • Special Bonus– learn how to leverage social media to your advantage…or learn how to spam people…depends on how you look at it

upsellThe trick to get people to buy is make it seem like you’re getting tons of “value” for you money, and keep the “advanced” packages mysterious so the prospect is eager to pull out the credit card and unlock more stuff. Prepare to spend 100’s of dollars as you keep being told to buy more! Some people have spent $600+ on this program! That’s why Fast Cash Commissions also offers “secret/special traffic strategies” and advice that supposedly you will not be able to find anywhere else on the Internet…which is a little misleading. 

Probably the only good content in this course was when Morrison went over how to find hot-selling affiliate products. But then again, you can use certain tools for FREE to do that. 

It Got Banned From Clickbank!

Fast Cash Commissions scam complaints were so common and high, that the affiliate vendor Clickbank kicked it out of its network! This will only happen if a product is getting too many refunds and chargebacks…why? Well don’t you think if a product really sucks or doesn’t deliver, that people will want their hard-earned money back? Absolutely.  

Clickbank is not THAT strict has to what can be sold through their network, because there are some borderline scam products in there…which should tell you something. If this program got kicked out, yet other scammy products are still in existence, then you KNOW it’s bad.

Does It Really Work? Only If You SELL it to People

Many people have made money with Fast Cash Commissions and many continue earning income with it…because they’ve simply SOLD the darn thing to people for a commission. You definitely want to stay away from marketers who are promoting this on their videos or website or whatever. Please believe they are just trying to get a big chunk of a commission at YOUR expense. 

Will the system provide all the training, tools, and support you need to start generating profits from home, quickly? Hell no.

It’s up to you to take it by the horns and apply what you learn into action to see results. If you have the willingness to learn, a little ambition, and a strong work ethic, then you should be able to generate income online.

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