Emobile Code System is the latest release promising to show average Internet users how to make money online. For those who never used such system before it may appear to be somewhat interesting; a product offering pre-built and mobile-optimized websites to help you make money online. And all that for a low fee ($49). But wait! This is not what you will actually get, and if you choose to enroll in the system you might regret decision all lifelong. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. The Creator Is Not Who You Think It Is

Once you visit the Emobile Code System scam for the first time you will be greeted with a video-message telling you that on this page you will find the amazing secret to making thousands a dollars from home and all with minimum effort.

The website also tells you that the website has been created by Bill McKnight, but who is this person for real? Try searching his name online and see what you come up with. You will find most queries to be related to his product Emobile Code, with only Wikipedia mentioning that Bill McKnight is a former “Canadian” politician. So what would a 65-year old retired politician have to do with a marketing system? It’s already starting to sound like a scam, doesn’t it?

Well, once you are inside the website your beliefs will be stronger than ever. Why? Because once you sign up (and pay the $49) you will be taken to another page which shows you a greeting message from Greg, founder of the system. So who invented Emobile Code actually; Bill McKnight or Greg?

2. The Intro Video Is Just Food For The Emobile Code System Scam

Ok, seriously, I cannot believe I paid $49 to these people after watching their introduction video but I was simply curious as how their program works. Let’s analyze the introduction video a bit: it starts with an animation showing you that “Your email address is being verified”…”Approved”. But have you given your email address to them?

No, you have not. Then you get to see “Your free gift is loading”….”Done, it will be ready in few seconds”.

Then you get to see some persons (which are obviously actors) telling you how they made money from the system. Some of them even barely hold themselves from laughing. The first person is an old guy telling “I can’t believe I made these money, and it was all for free!”. But the system is not available for free (and it never was).

3. Once You Sign Up and Pay, You Will Be Asked To Buy More

That’s right; once you successfully pay the price of $49 and proceed to logging in on the website you will be greeted by other videos showing you more “amazing” money-making systems. As of this moment; your enthusiasm may literally die, understanding that you paid $49 just to be asked to purchase more products of doubtless legitimacy and get no clue as how the actual system you purchased actually works.

4. Extra Products They Try To Sell Are Bigger Scams

I will tell you some of the names of the upsells they are trying to make you purchase: “How to make money in just 60 minutes”, “120 Amazing ways of making money online”, “Your guide to earning $1,000+ a day”. Ok, is this for real? If you have little knowledge regarding the way in which the worldwide Internet works then you will know that not even big e-commerce store owners earn $1,000+ a day and it’s nearly impossible to make your first money in just 60 minutes if you never used a marketing scheme before (unless the system owners give you the money directly, of course).

And the top of the cherry is: you need to pay more money to access these unique systems. Would you be positive spending an extra $197 or $295 even if you didn’t have a chance to test the actual product you purchased yet? I personally wouldn’t.

5. Pre-made Websites Are Below Average But Overpriced

Once you skip the products they are trying to sell you and proceed to the members area, you will quickly find the button which allows you to benefit from your purchase. The pre-made websites don’t look bad, but they have the disadvantage of not being unique (since the same template is applied to everyone) which is never good for SEO.

Additionally, you will have to subscribe for a product called Targetly (auto-responder) in order to start using your first website. They say that it only costs $1 for the first 2 weeks, but what they don’t say is that thereafter you will have to pay $19 per month (and you haven’t even got to use your first website yet).

6. Low-quality free $20 Worth Of Traffic To Your Website, But…

Once inside the members area the Emobile code system will tempt you with $20-worth of free traffic for your newly-created websites. Truth to be told, free traffic is rarely useful unless those visitors actually buy something from your website. But what’s truly outrageous is the fact that when trying to redeem the traffic, you will realize that their links don’t even work.

7. Training Sessions Are Useless

The site does have a Training section for members, but it says that videos are only displayed live twice a week, at specific days and times. So I paid $49 (with their so-called discount included) only to not be able to benefit from training sessions when I want to? This being said, I can bet that in their “live” coaching videos they are promoting other products for you to purchase.


Stay away from the Emobile code system scam as all these people are looking for is your money. The website doesn’t provide you with anything worthy for the price and only tries to sell you extra products for outrageous prices ($150 and up).

Furthermore, you aren’t even able to use the pre-built sites they give you unless you pay an extra fee.

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