Hey welcome to this Cash Triggers review! When Adam X first launched his new product, Cash Triggers, it perked the interest of many since it made reference to Pinterest. Pinterest is a very popular social site that garners the interest of approximately 25 million visitors per month. While that may be a long way from other popular social sites like YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter, it is still a large potential audience that Adam wants to help users tap into. That is why he introduces this automated Pinterest marketing tool that provides auto-pinning, auto-commenting and step-by-step instructions and videos. It would seem that even the most basic users can learn what to do.

What’s So Different About Cash Triggers?

While Cash Triggers certainly seems mesmerizing enough, especially for anyone looking for an easy way to make money with little effort involved, there is more than meets the eye. Although Pinterest has gained notoriety among the list of social media sites, it is a cold lead. The users on Pinterest are not interested in buying and selling. There are businesses that share their pages on Pinterest but they do not actually sell anything. Pinterest is more about connecting like-minded users with similar interests so they can learn do-it-yourself projects and share ideas rather than buy products.

Cash Triggers Rundown

A downside to Cash Triggers, like many automated tools is the fact that the automated posting and commenting is more like spam than actual traffic boosting. Spam annoys users rather than interests them. Of course, that is not to say that the tool is all bad.


In fact, there are plenty of pros to consider. For one, Adam puts a very reasonable price tag on his tool, which makes it affordable for everyone. The training section is very well thought out and provides clear, easy to understand instructions. It is also great for newbies who really do not understand how Pinterest works.


There are also some downsides to consider before purchasing Cash Triggers. The downside is that too many people can purchase this product, which means that not everyone is really going to benefit. A successful system would not be overloaded with thousands of individuals looking for the same results. In order to be successful, what is being offered must be unique. Second, the information, although easy to understand, is very basic, meaning there is not that much to learn. Anyone already familiar with Pinterest might find this program extremely boring and useless. In other words, could be a waste of hard earned cash.

Cash Triggers Conslusion

So Cash Triggers basically breaks down into a gamble. It definitely could be useful for individuals who are new to Pinterest who would like to learn a little more about the social media giant. However, the program might not help anyone earn any real money. It may be possible to earn a little bit of money for some but it is not something that anyone will get rich. Therefore, purchasing this program is a bit of a toss up considering results may vary. It is recommended for basic users but not for those who are already familiar with Pinterest.

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